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Meet Nathan Meendering ...

Sioux Center, Iowa
Music Major ('14)

My dream is to produce music for TV shows and movies. The Cliff Singers even performed one of the pieces I composed.

— Nathan Meendering
Sioux Center, Iowa
Music Major ('14)

Nathan Meendering laughs just about every time he watches the footage — a family video featuring his 7-year-old self, so inspired by his church's gospel music that he springs out of the pew and starts dancing his way down the aisle.

"Yeah, my parents have lots of embarrassing videos like that," Nathan admits, shaking his head.

Fast-forward 15 years — Now, it's everyone else's turn to be captivated by his music.

On May 4, the Briar Cliff Chamber Choir performed the world premiere of Nathan's composition, "Arirang," during the music department's annual spring choral concert at Grace United Methodist Church.

Nathan, a music major from Sioux Center, Iowa, wrote "Arirang" as part of his required senior project — a capstone for every senior in the Department of Music's curriculum. The arrangement is his own take on a Korean Folk song by the same title, one that hooked him while he was watching a Korean drama with his girlfriend, Danbi Kim.

Nathan now lives in Seoul, South Korea, where he landed a job teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

"It's not music," Nathan says, "but it's a way for me to get over there."

His dream is to produce music for TV shows and movies. He's well on his way.

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