Our Facilities Services is responsible for keeping campus running smoothly on the inside and out. Based out of the maintenance building is located in between the Theater and Baxter-DiGiovanni Hall, this crew manages everything from dorm room repairs, lawn maintenance, campus cleanliness, and so much more.

70 Acres of Campus

12 Buildings

3 Hardworking Crews

Facilities team is divided into housekeeping, maintenance, and grounds.  These crews work together to ensure that our buildings and campus remains a cared for and well-maintained home to all who enter our community. 

  • The housekeeping crew cleans all the common and public areas, plus showers and restrooms in the dorms, offices, and classrooms throughout campus. They also help keep campus fresh over the summer by cleaning every inch of campus. Housekeeping does things such as buffs and waxes floors, shampoos the carpets, and cleans windows as well.

  • The maintenance crew is responsible for the buildings on campus.  They work with the contractors on repairs and projects, handle many repairs on their own such as patching and painting, electrical and plumbing issues, some repairs to heating and cooling systems, as well as many other areas of concern.  Every summer, maintenance goes through all the dorm rooms and classrooms, inspecting and repairing as needed.  Maintenance also takes on many projects and shares snow removal responsibilities with the grounds crew.

  • The grounds crew is responsible for maintaining outdoors areas in top condition. They help keep the campus safe and looking nice through the changing seasons. Their responsibilities include mowing, trimming, watering, tending flower beds, minor repairs, other projects as needed and snow removal. During the summer, grounds personnel mow the entire campus on a regular weekly basis.  

Our facilities staff strives to ensure they are doing their part to make the BCU experience rewarding and productive for all concerned. At Briar Cliff, students and staff are responsible for cleaning their personal spaces, but more than that we ask that all take pride in our campus and refrain from littering or making a mess and letting facilities know when their services are needed

In Need of Assistance? 

Students requesting attention for their on-campus residential rooms should first contact their RA for support in coordinating with the facilities team. Facilities is here to answer questions and help ensure campus facilities are maintained and functioning properly. Simply complete the maintenance request below to request assistance, and our team will work to respond and address your concerns. For facilities issues requiring immediate attention during regular hours contact Campus Security who will connect with the on-call resources available. Help us keep your home in working order by being proactive about requesting assistance from our team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Requests

Shared Bathroom

  • Clogged sinks, toilets and drains
  • Leaking shower heads
  • Broken or chipped tiles
  • Cold shower water

Common Spaces

  • Laundry machine or appliance malfunctions
  • Stains or messes in the kitchenette, laundry, hallways and common rooms

Room Issues

  • Broken locks, blinds, ceiling tiles
  • Clogged sinks and/or toilets and drains
  • Leaking shower heads
  • Broken or chipped tiles
  • Cold shower water

Concerns Across Campus

  • Light bulb changes
  • Potholes
  • Leaking ceiling or faucets
  • Heating concerns
  • Messes or additional cleaning requests
  • Any insect and/or rodent concerns
How can I vacuum my room? 

To borrow a vacuum or other supplies needed to clean your dorm room, contact your RA and they can help you get what you need.

Can I paint my room? 

Dorm rooms and offices are re-painted during breaks. While on campus at BCU, you cannot paint your dorm room or office. However, when you move out of your space, feel free to request touch up painting for the next resident.

Can I have air conditioning unit added to my room?

Students who would like to request a window air conditioning unit or have purchased a unit for their room should coordinate with their RA. The RA will contact the facilities team for install.