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Here, each person’s dignity is appreciated and celebrated, providing a powerful sense of community and a place to pursue a private, liberal arts education that shapes more than your résumé — it shapes your character.

10:1 Student/Faculty Ratio

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90+ Years of Traditions and Memories

The lifelong learning place preparing ethical world changers

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Small classes, caring faculty, and authentic experiences are the hallmarks of our undergraduate degree programs. Start with our value-centered general education curriculum and then move on to earn your bachelor's degree in four years or less.

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Built with you in mind. Created to provide a flexible, affordable, and professional education experience that will enable you to advance your career.

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There are a variety of certification courses and professional workshops available at Briar Cliff University.

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Cliff Academy

We partner with a variety of high schools in the Midwest and across the nation to help them provide their students with accredited University courses.

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Cliff Stories

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Julia Black “I’m extremely honored to have been elected for national office, the American Physical Therapy Association student board of directors is built on service, and I am so thrilled to serve as President of the Student Board alongside such outstanding individuals!” Read More
Rose Mary Rizk DeGrasse "As one of out longest-living alumnae, Rose has built an incredible legacy in the past 110 years. We wish her continued health and happiness in the years to come and look forward to helping her celebrate this big day.” Read More
Dr. Cortni Krusemark The OTD curriculum was created to integrate interprofessional experience, our University's Franciscan values, hands-on experience throughout every semester in our pro bono clinic and so much more. " Read More
Jake Rosenmeyer My time at BCU was very formative in regards to my calling to seminary. Having the then Vocations Director as our Campus Minister allowed me to keep having conversations about the priesthood. The foundation I received allowed me to know that God was truly calling me out of the classroom and in the seminary. Read More
Breanna Allen The joy felt after passing an exam you spent hours and hours studying for. The joy felt after seeing a patient in the pro bono clinic knowing that you put in the time to truly help them heal, and the joy felt knowing that someday you will be getting to do what you love every day. Read More
Briar Cliff University Recognizes State Representative Jacob Bossman as Contributor of the Year The university recognized State Representative of District 6, Jacob Bossman, as Contributor of the Year for 2021. Read More
Tiffany Braun The people at Briar Cliff made this place feel welcoming and like a second family. Briar Cliff offers opportunities for research and a cadaver lab that have helped me be a better scientist and prepare me for my future in medicine. Read More
Matthew Wilke In my years I have experienced many different types of teaching styles both from education and biology programs. This has allowed me to incorporate their styles into my idea of the perfect classroom. Read More
Kathy and Elise Berg A Catholic education was super important to me. I felt like I was going to meet like-minded people in their faith which was going to help me be stronger in mine as an adult" Read More
Arianna Presilla (Spanish) Read More
Patricia Martinez (Spanish) Read More
Eduardo Valencia (Spanish) Read More
Casey Zoss Read More
Dr. Daniel Jung "I believe in building relationships with my students to help develop their passion for science. " Read More
Maelyn Hernandez Read More
Dr. Paul Weber Read More
Theresa Engle Read More
Mark Rossi Read More
Isiah Lysius Read More
Mireya Jimenez-Alcala Read More
Julian Lee The biggest reason I chose Briar Cliff was because I was really intrigued about the mission of the institution. Read More
Ricardo Tovar The school began this tradition of bringing more Panamanian players to the university which made my decision even more certain because I wanted to keep the tradition alive. Read More
Kathy LaFavor As an alumni I am excited about Briar Cliff because I see the changes that they are making in the evolving education scene. Read More
Andrew Tibbetts I feel like I am at Briar Cliff because I'm not seen as just a number on the back of a jersey, I am seen as a person. Read More
Mike Hames & Paul Martindale Briar Cliff gave me the foundation and the fundamentals to change with technology and to be successful in the change that comes with it. Read More
Enny Owl What I realized was being in an environment like this taught me how to listen and find myself. Getting involved in campus activities brought me out of my shell. Read More
Victor Marrero They gave me all those tools and they gave me all the weapons that I needed to be successful. Read More
Brianna Colshan Briar Cliff helped prepare me for my role here at Mercy by showing me what community resources are really out there. Read More
Dr. Wilfrido Suarez Each trip is unique in it's own way and each student will come back with a true, noble perspective of that culture. Read More
Ashley Hohenstein I've had super influential teachers and coaches throughout my educational career and I just really wanted to be able to do that for someone else. Read More
Raphael Mbonyingingo We get taught like its a real world environment and you keep emphasizing on the point that this is not a classroom and we are supposed to envision it like its the real world because it's not going to be as easy as it is in the classroom. Read More
Lyndsey Johnson The thing I like most about the nursing program here at Briar Cliff is that we have got to go to many different things. We do things like ER, ICU, Endoscopies, and Case Management . Read More
Olivia Mason Becoming a part of this initiative and joining forces with all of these other women really builds such an incredible atmosphere in a community. Read More
John Flanery My first impression of Briar Cliff was very family oriented because I could sense it from my sister and her time there. Read More
Christian Sanders The clinic was the thing that stood out most to me in the fact that they would take the time to reach out to the community and it was something that I wanted to be a part of. Read More
Nate Frankman Read More
Lana Johnson Read More
Erich Erdman I really felt like the coach cared about me as a player, as a person, and as a student. They wanted to help me grow into a better man. " Read More
Cathy Grimsley Read More
Teresa Guzman "I am always striving for the best for my education and future." Read More
Rachel Knutston Kobold "I'm feeling confident in my future! The skills I've learned by working hard in my classes and internship have given me a fantastic foundation to learn and become a leader in the creative field." Read More
Christie Finnegan I'm excited to influence and connect with other students from Briar Cliff and help build their confidence, empower them, give them vision for what is possible, and ultimately give back to the university who made me who I am. Read More


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We are proud to support 16 different Great Plains Area Conference athletic programs, each one committed to athletic and academic excellence. #BattleOn


We are proud to provide our campus and the greater Siouxland community with countless opportunities to develop, explore, and experience the gift of music.

Campus Ministry

Focusing on the spiritual life of students and seeking to integrate faith and action through a variety of services, organizations, and volunteer opportunities.

Get Involved

Getting involved is the difference between simply earning your degree and getting the most out of your college experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

Choosing to volunteer your time, skills, and resources is one of the most powerful ways that you can make an impact during your time at Briar Cliff.


Partnering with many local businesses and institutions, we help facilitate internships, preceptorships, student teaching, and work-study positions to help provide you the experiences that will set you apart after graduation.