Liturgical Ministers

There are opportunities for everyone to participate in services at Briar Cliff University. Every event from Mass to prayer service, we seek community volunteers to assist bringing these opportunities to The Cliff. 

Music Ministers
The ministers of music, also known as the liturgical ensemble and cantors, lead all of the congregational music during Mass. That means piano players, singers, cantors and instrumentalists of all kinds are welcome. Help energize Mass and special services by volunteering to be a part of Briar Cliff’s liturgical ensemble.
Hospitality Ministers
The Hospitality Ministers play a big role in helping build a caring community. Hospitality Ministers, composed of greeters and ushers, are the first people guests see when they arrive and the last face they see when they leave. It is important to uphold the tradition of making others feel welcome, so help make people feel at home in your place of worship.
Eucharistic Ministers
This ministry is open to students who have been Confirmed in their Catholic Faith. As a Eucharistic Minister, you will help to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass. The ministry you do is very important to the grace, beauty and prayerfulness of the liturgies at Briar Cliff University. 
Ministers of the Word
Ministers of the Word, or Lectors, proclaim the Word of God through reading the Scriptures at Mass and other liturgical events. This ministry is open to anyone, you do not need to be a Confirmed Catholic.
Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest during the Mass and other liturgical functions. This ministry is open to Catholic students who have at least received their First Communion. Altar Servers are also responsible for setting up before Mass and cleaning up afterwards. This is a great opportunity to become a leader by helping to organize our various liturgical events.


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