Student Athlete Services

Briar Cliff athletics are a staple of Charger pride on and off campus. All 17 Briar Cliff teams have access to services at the McCoy-Arnold Center, athletic training rooms and the athletic department administrative offices. 

McCoy-Arnold Center

The McCoy-Arnold Center is dedicated to all things strength and conditioning at The Cliff. Every athletic program will spend time here all year round, getting stronger and preparing for their upcoming seasons or solidifying and maintaining strength to help support healthy in-season competitions.  

Athletic Training Rooms

The athletic training rooms help athletes with any bumps or bruises they acquire in competition. Our trainers work with students to recover from injuries to help get them back to their sport as soon as possible. The training rooms are two offices; one located on the ground floor of Alverno Hall and the other on the ground floor of the Newman Flanagan Center.

Athletic Department Offices

The Athletic Department administrative offices are where all the behind-the-scenes business goes down to make the Chargers the best they can be. The Athletic Director's office as well as the communications, facilities and internal operations offices, are all located on the third floor of the Newman Flanagan Center. Student athletes can find help with logistics such as athletic eligibility and other support to keep them on the field. 


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