Campus Security

Campus Security provides round-the-clock protection and service to the Briar Cliff community. A security officer is available 24/7 via the on-call phone number, 1-712-898-1888. BCU Security's main concern is the physical safety of our students, faculty, and staff. The department also ensures the safety of university property, which includes locking and securing buildings, reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement, enforcement of parking regulations, and reporting any emergencies to local authorities. Security staff may detain individuals for questioning.

Reporting crimes, suspicious activities, and other emergencies on or around campus should be immediately reported to Campus Security or the Sioux City Police Department.

Campus Security Number | 1-712-898-1888

Sioux City Police Department Number | 911

See Something? Say Something.

We believe in the power of bystander intervention. Therefore, we want to empower every student and employee with the ability and responsibility to help keep our caring community safe. If you see something concerning, or questioning if something is against our policies, we implore you to report it to our administration so that we can help take action if action is needed. Among other things, you can use the incident reporting form below to report:

  • a sexual assault
  • incident of domestic violence
  • accidents
  • injuries
  • medical situations
  • student behavior incidents

If possible, the report should be completed within 24 hours of the event so that immediate action can be taken. 


Important Policy Highlights

Locking Campus Facilities
To protect campus facilities, a specified locking schedule is followed. Students entering or leaving campus facilities after hours must secure the doors behind them. Anyone who does not have their University identification card should not should not be granted access to a building unless escorted by a Briar Cliff student or employee. Broken locks or propped doors should be immediately reported. Failure to follow the guidelines above may result in disciplinary action.
Tornado Warning Procedure

In the event of a tornado warning, report immediately to one of the following tornado shelters:

  • The underground tunnels between Alverno and Heelan Hall
  • Between North Hall and Heelan Hall
  • The hallway on the ground floor of Noonan Hall
  • The ground floor of Alverno and Toller Halls away from windows
  • The art gallery in the Stark Student Center

In an extreme emergency, get under furniture or in a closet. Stay away from glass windows and doors, place protection over your head, and lay as close to the floor as possible.

Fire Alarm Information
All campus buildings are monitored by a fire alarm system that will automatically sound fire alarms if conditions are appropriate. All individuals are expected to leave the building until the fire department allows reentrance. Any tampering with fire alarms or other safety equipment is considered a felony offense and violators will be prosecuted and/or be subject to disciplinary action

Sign Up for Campus Alerts  

Briar Cliff University makes timely reports to the campus community regarding crimes reported to Campus Security and/or the Sioux City Police Department that are considered a threat to other students and employees, weather, and other essential updates via text messages. In the case of a major emergency and severe weather, communications and updates will be provided to hall directors and appropriate personnel and will be shared to the campus community as appropriate.

You can sign up to receive these alerts by visiting the Employee and BCYou Portal

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