Volunteer Opportunities

Earning your Franciscan Service Cord

As a Catholic Franciscan institution, we are committed to instilling the value of service to others in our students. All students are required to do 80 hours of service during their undergraduate experience or 20 hours of service per year  according to the academic catalog. In keeping with the spirit of valuing service, Briar Cliff University offers recognition for students who go beyond the graduation requirement. Students who complete 100 hours of service or more will be awarded a service honor cord to be worn at commencement. Don't forget to tell us about your volunteer experience. 

10K Hours Donated Each Year

65 Mission Trips

900K Hours Donated Since 1930

Why make time to give time? 

Choosing to volunteer your time, skills, and resources is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference that helps others. Volunteering your time to others also helps:

  • enhance your perspective 
  • provide you with a sense of purpose 
  • expand your knowledge and understanding 
  • boost your self-esteem 
  • build relationships and a community

Reaching Out and Giving

Every single Charger in our caring community has been given immeasurable talents to share with the world. We know that the spirit of volunteerism is often fuel to the fires of change both on international and local fronts. 

Local Outreach

You don't have to go far to serve others. Chargers can serve both on campus and in our local Siouxland community. Don’t wait for a personalized invitation to start making a difference! 

 Serving the Siouxland Community

As a thriving metropolitan community, Sioux City is home to over 200 non-profit organizations. Don’t wait for a personal invitation to get involved. Start making a difference by:

  • Ringing bells and sorting clothes at Salvation Army 

  • Help maintain and support events at Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve

  • Mentor a Child with Big Brother, Big Sisters of Siouxland

  • Donate clothing to Catholic Charities

  • Advance the mission of Boys & Girls Club

  • Improve your home by volunteering at The City of Sioux City

  • Reach the less fortunate at the Food Bank of Siouxland or Siouxland Soup Kitchen

Find the opportunity that best fits your talents, interests, and time. 

Volunteer in Siouxland

 Serving on The Cliff Campus 

As a caring community, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of temporary, seasonal, and existing service events from student organization fundraising for a cause to larger university-wide initiatives including:

  • Canned food drives

  • Night to Shine

  • Penny Wars/Rice Bowls

  • Relay for life/5K’s for a cure

  • Bi-annual Blood Drives  

  • Christmas Party for Persons with Disabilities

  • Tree Of Love

  • Charger Closet

Details about these events and how to participate each semester will be posted on the calendar and sent to your Briar Cliff University email. 

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National & International Outreach

Our campus ministry organizes, plans, and takes mission trips to poverty-stricken countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and Saint Lucia. There, you'll carry out mission work — everything from building houses and water systems to distributing clothes and food to the needy.

You can learn more about each trips and how to participate by contacting our Campus Ministry. General information will also be sent to your Briar Cliff University email.