Peyton Coffin

Overcoming Obstacles

Facing challenges head on is the name of Peyton Coffin's game.

This psychology major and track athlete has overcome many obstacles in her life: born unexpectedly as her birth mom was victim of sexual assault, Peyton was adopted at one week old, at age five was diagnosed with stutter, at age seven she tested positive for Chron?s disease, at age 19 her mother passed away after living with disability for 12 years.

"I've overcome obstacles with patience, time, support and persistence," says Peyton. "Knowing that I'm meant for something bigger, being able to stand here today telling my story."

Staying motivated through persistence and hard work and with inspiration her mom and speech teacher from University of Iowa, Peyton has a goal of someday creating a scholarship, in memory of her mother, for people with disabilities. She also wants to start a college for people who stutter. After graduating, she plans to obtain her masters and become a counselor who helps those who have experienced sexual assault.

Through The 1930, Peyton hopes to continue to grow her communication skills, socialize, meet others and hear their story. She wants to help others while also receiving help herself.

 Peyton Coffin | Psychology '20 | Salem, IA