Danielle Ullmann

Taking Care

Danielle Ullmann is a pro at the balancing game.

Danielle will tell you that it's not always easy managing her commitments to Briar Cliff?s Honors Program along with Softball and Track and Field, while also graduating with a nursing degree in just three years. However, organization is the game and both she and her calendar are up for the challenge.

Danielle was able to intern on the orthopedic/neurology floors at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, working with registered nurses that helped gain experience and confidence in her nursing skills.

"I think the biggest factor driving me to become a nurse practitioner is the experiences that I've had with them," Danielle says. "They have already developed a great foundation of how to provide therapeutic communication and established skills to build trusting relationships with patients."

A natural caregiver, Danielle is determined to make an impact on people's healthcare wherever she goes after graduation.

Danielle Ullmann | Nursing '20 | Pierre, SD