Briar Cliff Review

Are you interested in publishing? Help produce the Briar Cliff Review, an internationally acclaimed literary magazine created right here on The Cliff. For over 34 years, the Review has nurtured emerging writers and featured established authors from across the world.

The Briar Cliff Review is a great experiential learning opportunity for students to experience what it would be like to be a part of a real editorial staff. The work is split among the team of writers and copy editors and the design team. The brunt of the work happens the week before the spring semester making it convenient for the students' class schedules. The Artwork featured in the magazine also get the chance to be shown in the Sioux City Art Center.

Want to get published or get publishing experience? 

Established professional authors, artists, and photographers submit every year. It is very tough for students to get into the magazine unless they are already published writers, but in the past a few student, staff, and faculty works have been accepted. For student, the Review is a great way to get involved, gain editing and publishing experience while building your resumé.

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