Health and Science Club

Established in 2018, the mission of Health and Science Club (HSC) is to support students who want to learn and get involved in local, regional, and national health and science professions, from local hospitals to environmental agencies. As a HSC member, you will get hands on experience with integrating environmental and scientific issues with health perspectives. Future professionals of health and science will strengthen their multi-faceted, caring, and holistic skills by participating in this club.

HSC members can look forward to:

  • Facilitate discussion about health and science issues around world
  • Improve the public awareness of the benefits in health service through philanthropic events in the community
  • Promote caring environments by feeding wild animals during the winter season and by participating in research for wastewater treatment
  • Receive guidance on future career opportunities

Would you like to benefit health and science services in your community?

Anyone can join! The HSC includes any students at Briar Cliff who are interested in pursuing a health and science profession. 

Find peers with similar interests and gain experience, join the Health and Science Club today!

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