Alumni Testimonial - Shannon Van Beest

Shannon Van Beest

Shannon Van Beest was recently accepted into the Forensic Psychology: Professional Counselor Licensure Track program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Originally from Sibley, IA, she majored in both Psychology and Art with a minor in art history. It has always been a dream of hers to live in Chicago. Briar Cliff has helped her in the classroom by making her realize her passion for writing, as well as learning outside the classroom skills like tenacity, empathy, and independence.

Along with her parents' and friends' support, her professors: Stephanie Bell, Regan Murray, Nan Wilson, and Jeff Baldus have helped support her through her ongoing health issues as well. "They have all been incredibly understanding and patient with me even when I was not patient with myself. The faculty I've worked with and education I've obtained at BCU are outstanding."