Lizbeth Ramirez-Garcia

Lizbeth Garcia-Ramirez (’25) is the first exchange student from Briar Cliff University with the University of Andes, Chile. “UANDES,” founded in 1989, is a Catholic private university located at the foot of the Andes Mountain range. Students may take courses in either English or Spanish, depending on the subject, and the university has approximately 8,000 total students.

Lizbeth, a Nursing major, was motivated to take this opportunity as a result of her curiosity to see the world and a desire to reach outside of her comfort zone.

“Something that I’ve learned about myself is that I’m very adaptable to any situation and that I love learning new things and having new experiences,” she says. “Something that I’ve also realized is there are amazing people in this world, and it doesn’t matter where you go; you’re never alone.”

Through her time at UANDES, Lizbeth has met new people and had a variety of new experiences.

“Chile is a beautiful country with a vast diversity of landscapes,” she says. “Some of my favorite experiences have been skiing, surfing, going on hikes in the mountains, traveling to Patagonia, and going north to the desert.”

For students interested in studying abroad, whether at the University of Andes, Chile, or elsewhere, Lizbeth encourages the opportunity.

“The first piece of advice that I would give is to embrace change and enjoy every opportunity to travel, meet people, and try new experiences," says Lizbeth. “Time flies, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.”