Registration is a process in which all incoming and current students become officially enrolled in courses for the next semester at Briar Cliff. This is the best place to start to understanding how you can start your registering process or sign up for orientation.  

Located in the main floor of Noonan Hall, the Registrar is the custodian of student records. In short, any and all academic administrative work is done through the office of the registrar, and you will become familiar with the registrar's office very quickly in your time on The Cliff. From transcript requests, scheduling, adding and dropping classes to graduation, registrar office personnel manage all official academic registrations and records. 

 Registration Process

The process to register varies slightly, depending on the type of academic program and whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.  Generally, the process involves consultation between the student and the student's academic adviser. 

  1. Pay any outstanding balances from the previous semester.
  2.  All undergraduate and graduate students are assigned an academic advisor. Since the process varies, we recommend scheduling a meeting with your academic advisor every semester so that they can help you navigate registering and make sure that you are on pace to meet your goals for graduation and beyond. Don't who is your advisor? Get in touch with academic advising
  3. Meet and register for classes. 
  4. After completing your registration, print your schedule or add you schedule to your calendar. Note: the add/drop date for the semester.
  5. Pay that semester's tuition and fees before the deadline.
 Academic Support

At Briar Cliff, we want to be sure you can achieve academic success as a student and a graduate. So whether you’re looking to get better grades, hone your study skills, prep for a big paper or upcoming exam, or you just need someone to talk to,  Briar Cliff has a full of friendly faces here to help!

Student Support Services

 Academic Catalog

Our academic catalog contains general university information, guidelines, majors, courses, academic requirements, etc. The catalog that pertains to you is based on both the type of student you are and the year you enrolled at BCU.

Download a PDF of your Briar Cliff University Academic Catalog.

 Academic Calendars

For all your questions about the schedule for this academic year - 

View Academic Calendar or download the current academic calendar (includes Finals Schedule).

If you would like to find information about courses for past, current or upcoming terms access “Web Advisor” tool on the online student portal.

Graduate On Schedule

Registering for the necessary classes in the correct timeline is critical to earn your degree on time. Reserve your spot in class by paying attention Briar Cliff emails for each semester's deadlines, and then enrolling for the next semester as soon as possible.

Make it "official" by choosing the your next step below.  

Incoming Chargers should plan to enroll in their first semester of classes at orientation.

Register for Orientation

Ready to register for next semester? Make a registration appointment with your advisor.

Academic Advising

Done registering, learn how to graduate and become an alumni.

Learn About Graduation

Registrar Services

For all these requests and any other registration questions you have, don’t hesitate to reach out to our registar team. 

Official Transcript Requests

Transcripts are a critical piece of your educational career. Whether you are on your way to Briar Cliff University, applying for graduate school, or a graduate of BCU, we have the tools to help you take this critical next step. 

Learn More About Transcripts

Declare Your Major / Switch Your Major

Please use the forms below if you need to declare a major or minor, pick up an additional major or minor, or adjust your existing declared program tracks.  

Online Form

Download A Paper Form 

Course Schedules

The Registrar coordinates the development of the course schedule for the university.

Interested in registering for a single course? We can help!

Contact Us

Student Information Release/Withholding

All student account and academic information information is confidential. During orientation, students generally agree to release this information to their parents/guardians. However, if a student has allowed for release they may file a request to withdraw that authorization using the form below.

All student directory information may be released without the student's consent. However, students may file a request to prevent the release of their student directory information.

Authorize Student Directory Information Release

Verification of Degrees

 If you are seeking verification of a student's degree completion, contact the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-742-4200. 

Dates of Attendance and Enrollment

 If you are seeking dates of attendance and enrollment for an alumni, contact the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-742-4200. 

Graduation and Processing Your Diploma

Each year Briar Cliff University hosts a commencement ceremony to celebrate and honor all undergraduate and graduate students who have completed their degrees. All students must apply to graduate prior to the completion of degree requirements, and this application also functions as an RSVP for students to participate in that ceremony in May. 

Apply to Graduate

Add/Drop/Adjust Changes

Looking to add a course, drop a course, or adjust your schedule for the semester? Consult with your faculty advisor on the appropriate next steps. They will help connect you with the Registrar to meet the needs for these changes.

Request to Repeat a Course

With permission from your academic advisor, complete this form to repeat a course. 

Request to Repeat a Course 


Register For a Course

Are you interested in learning something new but not ready to commit to full time, or even a part-time workload? For every course listed in the academic catalog, Briar Cliff offers the option to register for an individual courses.

Learn More