Human Subjects Research Project Proposal

All principal investigators (PI) and student investigators (both undergraduate and graduate level) are required to be trained in Human Subjects Research before the beginning of their data collection. You still can apply to the IRB for approval without the completion of the course. However, your research project will be voided without the proof of proper training. Student researchers must consult with their PI to choose appropriate training module to take.

  • To start, click on the following link:
  • Once you get to the above website, you must register (click on register tab at the top right corner). You must affiliate yourself with Briar Cliff University. The steps to register are user-friendly and easy to follow.
  • When you get to the drop-down menu called “Roles in research, ” the student researcher must select either “Student researcher - Graduate level” or “Student researcher - Undergraduate level” and the PI must choose “Principal investigator.”
  • Before finishing registration, you are directed to the site to choose the training module. These are divided into seven categories, from “Question 1” to “Question 7.” Both the PI and student investigator must choose at least one item (one training module) that is appropriate with your research project under “Question 1: Human Subjects Research.”
  • The rest of the categories are not required at this time since IRB members are going over each of the modules under all categories to specify the assignment for BCU researchers. However, if the researchers (especially PI) have strong feelings to take additional training modules in different categories, you are free to take them.
  • Principal investigators must consult your student researcher(s) for choosing the right training modules. The IRB will more specifically assign them soon.
  • Once the training is finished, students/PI must email their link to the certificate or their scanned copies (a completion certificate only, not the one with your score) to Wendy Brame at Please specify whether you are a faculty or a student when you send your certificate.

Submit Your Research Project Proposal

Use the following form to submit your human subjects research project proposal to the Institutional Review Board at Briar Cliff University. As a deliberative body, the IRB will approve, approve with required modifications, or disapprove research protocols which are submitted.

For questions regarding an individual's rights as a participant or other questions regarding a particular research project, contact the Chair of the Briar Cliff IRB Committee.

Forms with attachments can sometimes take a little longer to submit, so please be patient and do not refresh your page after submitting your proposal.