Max Pizzaro on a mission trip.

Max Pizzaro

Thanks to his Mission: Honduras experience, Max Pizarro ('17) discovered just how great of a translator he really is. He along with 19 other BCU students and staff spent their J-Term preparing a retreat center for workers in Gracias, Lempira, Honduras.

Immersing himself in Honduran culture and doing manual labor while being the bridge of communication for everyone gave him a different experience from everyone else.

"Eduardo and I spent a lot of time talking with Victor and the other workers. I can definitely say it was so nice sharing with those guys and I'm always pleasantly surprised to see how much we Latin Americans are much more similar than different," Max says.

Students worked at the retreat center for the majority of their time there clearing brush, digging for the outhouse, shaping and laying brick, pouring concrete, moving piles and piles of resources and so much more. The group was also able to meet the Sisters stationed in Honduras, visit a prison and explore the city of Copán and its ancient ruins.

"Part of what made this experience so memorable for me was making the trip with a lot of people with which I already had a close relationship with and got to know them on an even deeper level," Max says.

Max highly recommends anyone for this mission trip. Not only for those in Honduras who need the assistance, but for the bonds you create and the interpersonal growth you make.