Impact Opportunities

Help us sustain our commitment to preparing the next generation of ethical leaders by giving to Briar Cliff University. Your generosity is the difference that will enable our current Chargers to afford a premium college education. We encourage you to choose the support option that best aligns with your values or contact us to get creative with your giving. 

Briar Cliff Scholarship Fund

Gifts make up the very foundation of Briar Cliff University's fundraising effort. Your gift provides opportunities that are critical to the learning experience for students. Tuition alone doesn't cover the cost of a Briar Cliff University education. Annual gifts help bridge the gap. You can make an immediate and direct impact today by giving now!

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Other Current Projects

In addition to scholarships, at any time you can designate your donation toward any one of the following strategic initiatives at Briar Cliff University. We encourage you to take your time and select the contribution project that best resonates with your values.  

Baseball Special Projects

Over the years, baseball program alumni have rallied together to raise money for the team that created life long bonds and memories. The generosity of baseball alumni has provided upgrades to the Bishop Mueller Baseball and Softball Complex.  

Currently the university is raising funds for the 3-phase Baseball complete Enhancement Campaign. To learn more about how you can help visit our athletic page to learn more. 

Pro Bono Clinic

The Pro Bono Clinic is a student-led clinic run by the university that provides free physical therapy services to those in the community who are uninsured, underinsured, or whose benefits have run out. The doctoral students of physical therapy organize and run the facility. The students are able to receive hands-on job experience while offering quality care to the community under the supervision of University faculty.

Emergency Assistance Fund

The Emergency Assistance Fund was created to help students overcome unique and unforeseen financial hardships during their time at the Cliff. In order to qualify, you must be a full-time, degree-seeking student who has been impacted by a hardship you have not anticipated. The scholarships can be used on various things such as tuition, books, course materials, and major-specific supplies. It cannot be used for things like rent, cell phone payments, groceries, etc. 

Campus Beautification

With the support of several local benefactors, we are launching a $100,000 MATCHING GIFT CHALLENGE! For every donation we receive by April 22, 2022, they will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $100,000. Over the past several years, the campus trees were affected by climate change and tree disease, resulting in 30 dead trees. The work of removing the dead trees is complete and now our plan calls for planting 100 new tree and plantings by our 100th anniversary in 2030. Also included in the plan is to update the historical stairs on the south side of campus which were used by our founding Sisters of St. Francis to ascend to the top of the cliff while Briar Cliff’s Heelan Hall was under construction.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Scholarship

At BCU we provide a progressive and clinical based physical therapy program designed to give students expert knowledge and experience from top clinicians in the country with the end goal of providing them with the skills to treat a wide variety of patients. This program creates leaders that will be game-changing in your community.

Sister Janet May Endowed Scholarship

Sr. Janet May, OSF, began her journey here at Briar Cliff as an undergraduate pursuing her degree in biology. After receiving her Masters in Religious Education and teaching grade school for several years, Sr. Janet returned to BCU as the Director of Campus Ministry from the fall of 2003-2020. Sr. Janet is a beloved member of the Briar Cliff community, she has touched many lives during her time here on The Cliff.

As a tribute to Sr. Janet, her legacy has been honored by establishing an endowed scholarship in her name. To show your gratitude for the profound impact she has had on so many lives, we invite you to give to the Sr. Janet Endowed Scholarship, which will benefit future generations of Chargers.

Area of Greatest Need

By selecting this option, you provide the university with an opportunity to apply your gift to the area of greatest need for our students – whether it is in scholarship support, supporting academic programming and support programs, leadership development or athletics. 

Create an Impact

Donating can be a great way to honor the life of a loved one, commemorate an experience, or collaborate with others to increase the impact you can make in the lives of our students. There is really no end to the ways you can give to Briar Cliff University. 

Below are just a few of the countless inspiring testimonies of the impact our culture of generosity has facilitated over the past 90 years. Join with your family, friends, or place of employment and get creative while sponsoring an endowed scholarship or named award.

Establishing an Named Annual or Endowed Scholarship

Provide scholarships to students for years with our named annual and endowed scholarship options. When you give a named/endowed fund, the university doesn’t use your actual money to award students with scholarships. Instead, your money is invested. The interest earned from your invested money is used to fund scholarships.  Whereas a regular scholarship is a one-time thing, and named/endowed scholarship keeps producing income, in this way your donation can fund student scholarships for years.

  • To establish an Named Annual Scholarship at Briar Cliff, we ask that you to donate a minimum of $1,000.
  • To establish an Named Endowed Scholarship at Briar Cliff, we ask that you to donate a minimum of $25,000.

Help a greater number of students, contact us to give to an established scholarship fund today! 

Peggy O’Neill Beyers | Unique Journey Scholarships

While we love to discuss the commonalities of Briar Cliff University student experience, every single student who enters our community has their own story. They might have switched majors late in their academic career, experienced significant life changes while attending BCU, or just have a passion for educating and coaching. Founded on Catholic Franciscan values, our caring community strives to support every student’s journey. Common experiences can be very powerful, several members of our alumni and donors community have found inspiration and value in supporting unique journey scholarships, Peggy O’Neill Beyers is just one example. 

When Peggy O’Neill Beyers attended Briar Cliff University from 1962 to 1966, she did so with a physical handicap. During that time, accessibility requirements were vastly less regulated, so Beyers wanted to enjoy a normal college experience at an institution with a culture of caring that would be there to assist her. She was welcomed into our caring community with open arms. In her time at The Cliff, Beyers received boundless physical, academic, and financial support from faculty and peers. This support allowed Beyers to discover newfound independence that she had never known before. Peggy’s husband established an annual scholarship in honor of his wife to provide the same educational experience his wife had at Briar Cliff.

Begin a unique journey scholarship to honor your story! 

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Gelita USA, Inc. Affiliation | Organizational Scholarships

Throughout our 90+ year history of creating ethical leaders, Briar Cliff University is proud to educate young professionals who can grow in their internships with many of whom gain full-time employment after graduation with area businesses. This mutually beneficial relationship between our University and local business cannot be understated. 

Gelita USA, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of collagen proteins for the food, health, nutrition, and pharmaceutical industries, and a proud supporter of Briar Cliff University. Throughout the years, this organization has employed a number of Briar Cliff current students and alumni as biologists, chemists, sales professionals, interns, and organizational leaders. Gelita's leadership sought to give back to Briar Cliff to support the students graduating from the programs with which they have the greatest need. Every year, 3 full-time Briar Cliff University students majoring in Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science receive the Gelita Endowed Scholarships. 

The process starts with simple conversations. Contact us to schedule a meeting with our team and your place of work. 

Connect us with your organization. 

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Finish-Line | Situational Need Scholarships

At Briar Cliff University, we strive to provide solutions and scholarships to meet the ever-changing and ever-evolving needs of our student populations, whether it’s material requests, coordinating student internships, or financial assistance. We are grateful to our alumni and donor community for their time, talents, and treasure to advance the mission of this very special place on the hill. 

Doug Loots, Scott McGregor, and Mike Akins are three proud alumni and college friends to this day. They contacted Briar Cliff with their desire to establish a scholarship to help students complete his/her degree. During their time at Briar Cliff, the three men noticed there are many scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen, but it was more difficult for upperclassmen to find scholarships. Therefore, they created the Finish-Line Annual Scholarship that is awarded to a full-time student in their final year of college, who demonstrates a financial need and is from Nebraska, Iowa, or Missouri. 

Be the solution to a problem.

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Class of 98’ | Issue a Challenge 

At Briar Cliff, we like to say that generosity inspires. Offering challenges and matching endowments are fun fundraising incentives that often inspire more gifts. Over the years, we have had a wide variety of loyal small businesses, alumni classes, families, or individuals offer significant donations as a challenge to motivate their peers to join them in impacting our students.

Interested in seeing your money to multiply? 

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The Schroeder's | Legacy Family Scholarships

When a family has multiple members from many generations attend and graduate from Briar Cliff University, that family and those students become what is known as a “Legacy Family” or “Legacy Student." Throughout our 90+ year history of creating ethical leaders, our Cliff community is proud to play a part in educating many legacy families. 

One such legacy family is the Schroeder Family. With over three generations of Schroeders having attended and graduated from Briar Cliff University, the Schroeder family set out to establish an endowed scholarship in their name. The Schroeders believe in the value of a Briar Cliff education and are loyal alumni supporters of the institution. Therefore, they chose to commemorate this proud tradition by helping to provide scholarship to the next generations of students.

Family is the number one influencer on a college decision, and we are so proud to be an institution and a high education experience that generations of families trust.

Start a legacy family scholarship or issue a challenge today! 

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Heffernan Mall Fire Pit | Senior Legacy Gift 

The Senior Legacy Gift is an annual tradition that allows the current graduating class to leave a lasting impact on campus. In previous years gifts include: 

  • Heffernan Mall Fire Pit 

  • Tom Patterson Memorial Scholarship

  • Campus beautification projects

  • Donations to the annual scholarship fund

Every year a committee of seniors meets to discuss the fundraising opportunities and reflect on a needed project that can better Briar Cliff. At the end of the school year during the Toast to the Tassel celebration, the committee will present the gift and monies raised.

Want to help out our seniors?

Select “other” in the dropdown menu and indicate Senior Legacy as your designation.

Honor Your Loved One | Tribute or Memorial Contributions

Honor your loved one by creating a lasting impact on our Clifftop campus with a memorial beautification project. We are humbled and proud that our campus serves as a welcoming home for many during some of the most memorable and formative years of their young lives. Commemorate an existing life milestone in your life or join with family and friends to recognize the passing of a beloved Charger by leaving a mark on The Cliff forever. Past examples include memorial benches, a fire pit, basketball hoops, the Mac Lab and so much more. Contact us to ask about sponsoring a room, a tree, a garden, or another idea you may have.

Ask what campus improvement project you sponsor or contribute to? 

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Invest in future generations of ethical world changers.

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