Taylor Lamprecht

Taylor Lamprecht (’23) has made the most of her experiences at Briar Cliff, both inside and outside of the classroom, which has led to excellent preparation for a future career in a science-related field.

Taylor chose BCU because it was close to her home in Ponca, Nebraska, it allowed her to play basketball, and it was affordable as a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship. Ultimately, her decision to attend Briar Cliff resulted from the people she interacted with on her first campus visit.

“While on my college visit, I instantly felt at home,” says Taylor. “Additionally, I met with Dr. Hoferer from the biology department. I remember how enthusiastic and passionate he was about the program and it made me just as excited to be a part of it.”

Taylor’s passion and excitement is evident in her involvement in the biology and environmental science departments. She served as the Botany Lab Assistant during her junior year and currently serves as a Biology and Environmental Science course mentor and is part of a Microbiology Laboratory Research project. She also helped design a Native Prairie Restoration landscaping project during the first semester of her senior year.

Outside of the physical classroom, Taylor furthered her educational experiences through an educational trip to Quito, Ecuador, and the Galápagos Islands in January 2022. With countless endemic species (species that only exist there), Taylor said this experience was “once in a lifetime.”

“Growing up studying science, I have learned over and over about evolution and natural selection, but to actually be on the islands where the theories originated was incredible,” she says.

Additionally, Taylor has had multiple science-related internships including a Conservation Naturalist Intern for Woodbory County Conservation at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center and an Education Intern at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. At these internships, she created, developed, and led youth camps as well as public education programs for people of all ages. Taylor is currently interning at the Sioux City Wastewater Treatment Plan, where she is conducting a 12-week laboratory research project.

“Connecting with the public about these important topics and helping to instill a love for nature in them has been extremely rewarding,” says Taylor. “These experiences have taught me a lot and have definitely been beneficial in setting me up for success in my future career.”

Apart from Taylor’s many successes as a biology and environmental science double-major, she has also greatly enjoyed the simpler moments during her time at Briar Cliff, from sharing moments in her dorm room with friends to taking peaceful walks through the Prairie to clear her head.

“Along with the big adventures, these small day-to-day events have brought me joy throughout my time at BCU and are what have helped make my experience memorable,” says Taylor.

Taylor has seized various opportunities while studying at The Cliff. These experiences have grown her knowledge in her fields of study, along with her overall life goals. With hopes of one day moving somewhere coastal for a career in marine conservation, Taylor wants to work toward something bigger than herself.

“One big lesson that I have learned during my time at BCU is to always take risks and try new things,” she says. “Life is way too short and there is so much more in the world to experience than what is in front of us at the moment. Some of the greatest things can come from taking chances.”