Your first step for Charger admission is applying and earning your acceptance into Briar Cliff University. Your application starts the conversation with our admissions team.

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Once you have been accepted to Briar Cliff University, the next step of the admissions process will depend on the program you are interested in. Some of our graduate programs have their own individual applications and criteria, but don't worry, our admissions team is dedicated to making sure your experience -- from initial inquiry to enrolled student -- is a smooth one. We will be in touch via email and phone to talk you through the next steps. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entrance requirements at Briar Cliff University?

At Briar Cliff University, we pride ourselves on creating challenging academic environment centered around a focus on each student. Therefore, we have identified the following criteria for each applicant’s admittance and successful career at our university. 

Standard Entrance Requirements All incoming freshman, continuing education, or transfer students must meet the following conditions for admittance to Briar Cliff University as an undergraduate for the next semester.

  • Graduation from an accredited high school or the GED equivalent with a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.0.
  • A minimum composite score of 18 on the American College Test (ACT) or a minimum composite score of 960 on Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The writing portion on the ACT is optional. This requirement is waived if the student has been out of high school for five years or more.
  • Sixteen units of high school work, including acceptable course work in English, Natural Sciences, Foreign Language, Social Studies, and Mathematics. 

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Graduate Program Entrance Requirements Briar Cliff offers a variety of graduate programs. Every graduate students' journey is different and strongly dictated by the student's educational goals. The entrance requirements and application processes for graduate programs vary per program. To see if you qualify or receive more information about the program that interest you, please contact admissions and  will be in touch to help guide you through that process. 

Appealing Your Status If you are a student seeking admission to Briar Cliff but do not meet the requirements outlined above, you have the option to appeal this decision and request your application be reconsidered by Briar Cliff's Admissions Review Committee. Those appealing their application status will be asked to submit the following:

  • A letter of recommendation from a current faculty or staff member at your current school or institution.
  • Another letter of recommendation from a professional who is not related to you. 
  • A personal statement explaining "Why you think that you would be successful at Briar Cliff University."

If you were unable to test on a ACT national testing date or your ACT or SAT test score does not meet our requirements, you have the option to take Briar Cliff's ACT residual test. This test is administered by our university and the resulting score will only be valid at Briar Cliff University.

How do I submit my official transcripts to Briar Cliff? 

Transcripts are a critical piece of your educational career. Whether you are on your way to Briar Cliff University, applying for graduate school, or a graduate of BCU, we have the tools to help you take this critical next step. 

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How do I apply for financial aid?

To qualify for aid, we encourage every undergraduate and graduate student to complete their FAFSA application every year. Briar Cliff University 

Complete Your Annual FAFSA

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How do I apply for housing?

 If you plan to live on campus in one of the residence halls, you must submit an online housing application.

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What is my enrollment deposit and what does it do? 

Briar Cliff University asks that all traditional undergraduate students (including incoming first-years, transfer students, or international students) officially join the incoming class at Briar Cliff University but submitting a $75 enrollment deposit. Along with registering for new student orientation, this often viewed as the last step in the admissions process, the enrollment deposit helps Briar Cliff University to securing your scholarships and financial aid awards, and finalizing your housing space.

The payment will go directly toward your tuition and fees at Briar Cliff. The enrollment deposit is non-refundable. Contact admissions if you have any question or cannot afford this deposit. 

How do I transfer to Briar Cliff?

Briar Cliff University is proud of offer dozens for easy transfer and degree completion programs. Whether you just graduated from a two-year college, or you're not comfortable with your first choice at a four-year college or university, we’ll help you find out if our caring community is the right fit for you.

We will work with you!  

We know that the transfer of existing credits is a huge consideration for every student that is considering transferring to Briar Cliff University. The shortest answer is that we will work with you. 

  • Are you coming from a local community college? Briar Cliff University is proud to partner with several local community college to create articulations agreements. Articulation agreements a transfer pathways built to help students efficiently transfer from local community college into Briar Cliff University programs. You can use these when registering for class at you current institution to ensure you credits come with you when you come to Briar Cliff University to finish out your bachelors degree. A maximum of 62 credit hours will be accepted from community colleges or two-year institutions, unless you qualify for a degree completion program.However, even if you are not from one of these community colleges or transferring into one of these  we will work with you to provide flexible transfer of your credits. Generally a maximum of 62 credit hours will be accepted from community colleges or two year programs, however in the case of an articulation agreement or transfering to a recommend degree completion program this number can be closer to 90. 
  • Are you coming from an accredited collegiate institution? Briar Cliff University generally accepts up to 90 credits from other accredited institutions.Briar Cliff generally accepts up to 90 hours of your previous coursework.
  • But even if you are neither of types of transfer student, we still might be able to help! If you are from an unaccredited institution, you can be conditionally accepted and given two terms in which to earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0. If you achieve this, the credits you earned at the previous institution will be accepted for transfer to your Briar Cliff record.

When transfering credits, grades previously earned will be counted as credit, but will not be calculated as part of your cumulative grade point average at Briar Cliff. Coursework not comparable to courses in our curriculum will be counted as "elective" courses, instead of going toward a specific major. Final course acceptance is at the discretion of the registrar and the appropriate department chairperson

There are a lot of variables that go into credit transferring, we have found that it is best evaluated on a case by case basis. We recommend exploring our programs and scheduling a meeting with our advisors to help review and talk through your unofficial transcript to make sure you know what to expect. 

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I am not from the United States. How is this process different for me? 

In addition to applying to Briar Cliff University as an international student. There are a couple additional step that need to be taken. To be considered for admission to Briar Cliff University, the international student should provide the following:

1. Submit a Certified Financial LetterA certified letter from a financial guarantor (bank) confirming that costs while in attendance at Briar Cliff University will be underwritten.

2. Submit Academic Transcripts (see above)

3. Non-English-speaking international students who wish to enroll in regular degree-seeking courses must meet TOEFL requirements, proving their English proficiency by taking any of the following tests and submit their results to Briar Cliff University. 

  • On the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) a minimum score of 525 on the written, 193 on the computerized, and 70 on the internet-based portions are required.
  • On the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) a minimum score of 5.5 is required.
  • On the Cambridge English Preliminary (PET) a minimum score of B1 (merit) is required.
  • On the Cambridge English First (FCE) a minimum score of B2 is required.
  • On the Cambridge English Advance (CAE) a minimum score of C1 is required.
  • Or an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma (not the certificate). 

The SAT or ACT are not required for international students unless they are athletes and can be substituted for the TOEFL or other English sufficiency tests.

4. Athletes Only | Must qualify for NAIA conference eligibilityIf you plan to compete in intercollegiate athletics at Briar Cliff, you must satisfy one of the following requirements for NAIA eligibility:

  • Submit a score of 18 or higher on the American College Test (ACT)
  • Submit a score of 940 on the SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, plus Math).
  • SAT NAIA waiver (international student-athletes that have not taken the SAT or ACT can still seek for NAIA eligibility by meeting the following criteria): Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale and graduate in the top half of your high-school class.