Tiffany Braun

Since she was young, Tiffany Braun always wanted to do more to help people. In high school, started working as a certified nurse’s aide (CNA). Going into college, she chose a career in STEM to allow her to help others while continuing to learn about the world around her. Now that she’s graduated, she plans on continuing her education by attending medical school.

Tiffany chose BCU for its friendly community atmosphere and small class sizes. She mentions how invested Dr. Jung and Dr. Weber are in their students’ success not only in class, but in their future endeavors.

“The people at Briar Cliff made this place feel welcoming and like a second family. Briar Cliff offers opportunities for research and a cadaver lab that have helped me be a better scientist and prepare me for my future in medicine.”

Throughout her time as a student, she was involved inside and outside the classroom, participating in research projects and a mission trip to Honduras.

“I learned to be grateful for everything I have and to take a less materialistic approach to life. Through the research project, I gained more experience in presenting research findings and applying the scientific method to real-life. Working with my team I have gained friendships and professional relationships. This has also helped prepare me for graduate school."

Working with Dr. Jung and her peers, Tiffany has been able to present on her own research as well as publishing a paper about it.

“My professors have been a great help in guiding me through the application process for graduate and medical schools. Dr. Jung especially. He’ll work around your schedule and stay late to help with research and answer any question. He wants every students to learn and be prepared for their future.”

For any future Chargers planning on following her footsteps, she recommends getting as involved as possible to meet more people and take part in many opportunities.