Meal Plan unlocks delicious meals, coffee, snacks, and more, at three locations across campus, while eliminating your need to carry cash or additional cards. Your meal plan will include both meal swipes and flex dollars conveniently loaded onto your ID card. Meal swipes will give you access to our all-you-care-to-eat dining hall, Clifftop Eats, while flex dollars may be used at any of the dining options below location.

Meal Plan Options

With our wide variety of meal plans options, whether you are planning to live on campus, commute to campus, or are a Briar Cliff University employee, you are sure to find some plan that works for your lifestyle. 

 Meals + Flex Dollars Per Semester

 300 Meals + $240 Flex Dollars

 225 Meals + $275 Flex Dollars

 180 Meals + $360 Flex Dollars

 135 Meals + $470 Flex Dollars

 105 Meals + $260 Flex Dollars (Juniors & Seniors only)

 Off Campus and Graduate Options

Meals + Flex Dollars Per School Year

50 Meals + $50 Flex Dollars
25 Meals + $25 Flex Dollars
10 Meals + $0 Flex Dollars


 Faculty and Staff Options

As Briar Cliff University employee you are eligible to purchase a limited meal plan that offers you 6 meals for $36 dollars. 

On-campus student meal plans are included with your housing contact.

Apply For Housing

Purchase the remote or work meal plan option that is right for you.

Select a Plan

Contact us to ask for a catering quote for your campus event.

Request a Catering Quote

Dining Options

Our campus has a variety of food and drink options to fulfill your every craving. 

Clifftop Eats

Clifftop Eats is the on-campus cafeteria offering students a variety of different foods to choose from across three square meals a day. 

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 Briar Grill

The Briar Grill is an evening grill that is the perfect option for all your late-night hunger pains.

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Charged Food and Brew

Charged Food & Brew is a full-service coffee shop equipped to help satisfy your caffeine cravings.

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 Catering on Campus

Enjoy a fresh meal full of flavor. Our catering services make it easy to coordinate delicious, made-to-order menus for every event that takes place on the Briar Cliff University campus. All you have to do is request a quote or give us a call, and we will help to arrange freshly-prepared cuisine to be delivered straight to your event.

Are you looking to serve alcohol at your event? 

Briar Cliff University holds a valid license to serve beer and wine. Let us know if you would like to serve alcohol at your event and we will also give you a bar quote estimate to help facilitate your request. 

Read more about our catering and alcohol policy.