Chase Hernandez

Chase Hernandez

Briar Cliff offered Chase Hernandez (’16) the opportunity to succeed in academic excellence as well as his athletic career.

Originally from Kuna, Idaho, Chase transferred to Briar Cliff University as an Education/History major after accepting an athletic scholarship for Charger baseball.

"Being around high quality, intelligent people who share your passions and career aspirations fostered an excellent and lively learning environment," he says.

During his time at the Cliff, Chase met many amazing people and learned the value of jumping into something unknown. He points to how faculty really take time to invest in their students and wants them to succeed in and out of the classroom.

“My professors were incredibly helpful in supporting me in managing my studies and were quick to lend an ear when I was struggling with life,” Chase says. “Dr. Juhnke took the time to build a relationship with me and fuel my inner historian through excellent texts and class discussion.”

Throughout Chase's time at Briar Cliff, he learned to take the time and appreciate the college experience.

"Through the stress and struggle, remember that you are in charge of your experience and what you make of it. You will beat the challenges you face in time, but don't forget to stop, breathe, and appreciate the moment along the way."

Chase credits the people and support along with a strong educational foundation he received as he moved home to teach at Kuna High School as a History Teacher.