Anna Sorenson ('22)

Anna Sorenson

Anna Sorenson (’22) looked to transfer to Briar Cliff after learning about how much her friend and fellow women’s basketball teammate loved BCU. After visiting campus and meeting Dr. Jung, she was convinced Briar Cliff was where she wanted to be.

“Briar Cliff made transferring credits from my previous four-year and credits I had received in high school very easy. The admissions office, Dr. Jung and the women’s basketball program were super helpful in answering any questions I had.”

According to Anna, everyone from her professors to coaches to residential staff at the Cliff go above and beyond to make sure she feels supported.

“Dr. Weber and Dr. Jung are two professors that have made taking difficult courses fun, while ensuring that we actually learn the material. My coaches have been helpful both on and off the court and they understand that school comes first. Ashley Pawlowski helps every single student on campus and makes them feel at home.”

Anna’s favorite project so far has been when she was selected to be a part of an independent research group with Dr. Jung exploring the effects of prairie turnip extract on human heart cells.

Embracing the welcoming and friendly atmosphere, Anna found her fit in the Cliff community. Being a part of the women’s basketball team, Anna had “built-in” best friends, but that didn’t stop her from getting involved in the Health Science Club, Briar Cliff Student Government, PALs and Res. Life.  

“If I were to give any advice to students, it would be to get involved in different clubs and campus organizations. They’ve allowed me to make life-long friends I never would have interacted with before!”