Faith Harvey, Megan O'Gara & Grace Bybee presenting at the Excellence Event

Faith Harvey

In her second year at Briar Cliff, Faith Harvey (’21) was awarded second place at the Excellence Event for her team’s research on the prairie turnip. Through long hours and figuring out how to say big words in a way other people will understand, she says she made some of her best friends. 

Always knowing she wanted to be a doctor or work in the healthcare field in some way, Faith chose to major in Biochemistry after touring BCU.

“The more invested I became in science, the more I realized the endless possibilities it holds. There are so many graduate programs, research opportunities, and jobs in the field that all further our world’s knowledge of science.”

Faith knew her science classes would be difficult, but felt her professors always made it a priority to prepare her and her classmates for the next level. Thanks to them, she says she has had the opportunity to participate in many research projects and gain invaluable experience.

“The material is often dense so there are so many ways to learn it. A lot of my lab classes prepared me for possible research jobs in the future,” Faith says. “My professors never made me feel dumb for asking questions and I always feel that they have my best interests at heart.”  

After getting more experience in the field of research, Faith plans on attending medical school and possibly entering a PhD program in the field of immunology or biochemistry. She thanks Briar Cliff community for all of the support she’s received.

“Take advantage of your resources. Briar Cliff is small, but there are countless opportunities to better yourself and your education. All the professors at the Cliff want to help you and they will make time for you if you reach out.”