Teresa Guzman

Power Moves

Teresa Guzman is all about woman empowerment and mental health.

This motivated, open minded achiever not only proudly serves the United States Army, Teresa Guzman also graduated basic training and Administrator-in-Training as a distinguished honor graduate. Her days are filled with cross country, schoolwork, and staying active as a student on campus.

"I am always striving for the best for my education and future" says Teresa.

A future career removing the stigma for mental health and helping others find success is important to Teresa. She can relate to those overcoming struggles with mental health. Throughout her life, Teresa has occasionally suffered from depressive episodes where she have no motivation to do anything and dissociate herself from everyone and everything. She knows exactly how normal mental health problems are and how limiting they can be. When she finishes her Social Work degree at Briar Cliff, she would like work in child welfare or mental health and continue to help others to achieve their goals.

Teresa Guzman | Social Work '22 | Sioux City, IA