Dave Arens

From Briar Cliff College student to Briar Cliff University staff member, Dave Arens has the opportunity to inspire and impact the current generations of BCU students.

“I chose Briar Cliff because of its long-standing commitment of caring for those within its campus community, but more importantly its care for the broader community of Siouxland and beyond,” says Dave.

Dave is originally from LeMars, IA and attended Briar Cliff College (BCC) as an undergraduate student from 1984 – 1989. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Health Physical Education and Recreation from BCC and graduated from The University of Iowa with a Master of Arts Degree in Leisure Studies. He returned to Briar Cliff University in 2002 as Director of Student Activities and is currently the Director of Campus Life and Safety.

As a student, Dave’s time at BCC was filled with playing pick-up basketball in Newman-Flanagan every night after dinner, spending time in the 1st floor Toller lounge watching TV with floor mates, late-night popcorn, and Monday Night Football in the old pub. Those memories impacted Dave’s decision to return to BCU as a staff member.

“I enjoyed my time at BCC as a student, and the community was a special place,” says Dave. “In part, that is why I came back to BCU.”

As the Director of Campus Life and Safety, Dave is able to help students make unforgettable memories. He manages various residence life and security responsibilities to make the students’ experience at BCU as seamless and safe as possible.

“My job is all about service to students. From day one at BCU, I place them in a room in our residence halls, assist in finding the right meal plan to fit their needs, and answer the questions and concerns that they may have about a magnitude of things that come up. Also, assisting with opening their door when locked out or jump-starting their car on a cold winter afternoon,” says Dave. “My days are filled with helping students succeed and flourish at BCU.”

In Dave’s attempt to blaze his own trail at BCC, he was inspired by Marian Pesky, a great teacher and an even better colleague. Dave greatly appreciates Marian’s dedication to students in the classroom and in life.

“Upon returning, many of the faculty such as Marian Pesky were still here teaching and inspiring the next generation of students,” says Dave. “Having these people as colleagues now helps me to grow and better understand the impact that we all can have on students by just doing our job in a caring way.”