TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, which serves andadvocates for first-generation students, income-eligible students, and students with disabilities who have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Located in Heelan Hall 057, the TRIO SSS program seeks to maximize the college experience by enhancing learning and personal development with the ultimate goal of college graduation.

It’s not uncommon for students to face difficulties in their college careers. TRIO SSS provides services to help students transition to college and overcome academic, financial, and career hardships.

Academic Support
  • Academic Advising/Counseling
  • Enrichment courses in math
  • Peer tutoring in select courses
  • Career-Readiness Workshops (LinkedIn, resume building, interview skills)
  • Graduate School Exploration
  • Career Assessments and Counseling
  • College to Career Course Offering
  • Focus 2 Career Platform
Financial Wellness

  • Money: Paper or Plastic Course Offering
  • Financial Literacy Coaching
  • Events and Workshops focusing on and assisting in understanding finances
  • CashCourse Platform

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If you think that you qualify to receive assistance from TRIO SSS and/or have not heard from our team, please contact us. Or you can download our application and stop by during regular business hours.  

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    Funded by the United States Department of Education.