Kathy and Elise Berg

Growing up watching her mom Kathy (Liske) Berg ('88) teach with such passion and energy, Elise Berg ('19) knew she wanted to become a Catholic School teacher just like her.

Kathy chose Briar Cliff because she wanted a Catholic college close to home, yet far enough away. She ended up meeting her husband, playing her two favorite sports, making friendships that have stood the test of time, and watching her younger siblings graduate after her.

"A Catholic education was super important to me. I felt like I was going to meet like-minded people in their faith which was going to help me be stronger in mine as an adult," Kathy says. 

Wanting to pass those values on to her children, the Bergs made sure to live in a community that offered a K-12 Catholic education system that she could also teach in. This is where Elise got to see her mom's passion in action, as her 6th grade Language Arts teacher. 

"I loved her class and I saw how much time and energy she put into each lesson. She cares so deeply for all of her students, which results in a class that is both focused and fun," Elise says. She is the inspiration behind so many of my lessons and classroom practices today. I would not be the teacher that I am without her.