Megan O'Gara

Close Connections

Megan O'Gara, a Nebraska native, not only chose Briar Cliff due to its high medical school placement rate, but also because of her appreciation for building close connections and professors who put in the time to help students like herself succeed.

As someone who has always been interested in medicine, Briar Cliff offered Megan an opportunity to be challenged in her understanding and application of the field.

"I have learned to get creative in solving problems and how there is more than one solution," Megan says. "I have learned critical thinking strategies as well as the importance of communication and team work, all of which are critical skills for success in medical fields."

Megan hopes to be a part of the team that keeps momentum in medical science moving forward for future generations. Her education at BCU has made this dream a possibility and she credits various individuals, including Biology faculty member, Dr. Daniel Jung. "I could not have asked for a better professor and advisor," she says. 

Throughout her time at BCU, Megan learned to take initiative for her education and experiences at The Cliff. She notes the importance of communicating with professors and staff to ensure success, including taking that first step to reach out.

"My best advice is to first get to know your professors and advisors," Megan says. "Building those connections early on will help in the long run."

After graduating, Megan plans to attend graduate school to obtain her physician assistant master's degree.

Megan O'Gara | Biology '21 | Jackson, NE