Grace Hanno on a mission trip.

Grace Hanno

Grace Hanno graduated in 2021 with a bachelors in Science in Nursing. Playing on the Women's Volleyball team, while at the Cliff, Grace was able to excel both inside and outside the classroom.

In the summer of 2019, Grace went to for a service-learning trip through Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministries (STEMM) was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This trip challenged me to "travel" outside my comfort zone by becoming more open and willing to learn. 

Reflecting on my service trip, it's hard to differentiate the things I learned and the things that changed my life. Those "little" moments when I learned how to overcome a language barrier or strengthen my faith shaped me into the person I am today.

1. Being open to all

This trip helped me become more culturally sensitive. While talking to the women and children of the village I learned they have customs that people in America and other developed countries only hear about in movies.

2. Take care of the Earth

I learned the importance of taking in Earth's natural creation. Tanzania is full of beautiful mountains and thousands of miles of natural wildlife and the people who live there strive to keep the land as magnificent as the day it was created.

3. Making time for worship

During this service trip, I wanted to become closer in my relationship with God and experience other religious beliefs that are similar and different to mine. It was an eye-opening experience to compare how I and other cultures worship and how they are virtually the same even halfway around the world.

4. Learning how to be patient & understanding

I had to quickly learn how to use patience while communicating through language barriers. Having an open mind when someone is trying to communicate with you can change your perspective to become more receptive to others and relay genuine kindness.

5. Building relationships

I gained an overall sense of purpose throughout my trip. The relationships I built with my service trip group and the Tanzanian people I met will forever hold a close place in my heart. This trip has helped me realize nursing is the field I'm meant to be in.