Annie Betz

Annie Betz is a legacy graduate from Sioux City, IA. Annie choose Briar Cliff University because it "provided me with the opportunity to receive my degree in a credited nursing program while also having access to a campus that would place an emphasis on my faith and well-being."


The nursing field was the perfect blend of medicine and 1-on-1 interaction  with patients and families for Annie. After graduating in Spring 2021, she plans to do her nursing residency with a focus on pediatrics.


"I would love to have the opportunity to take my degree to serve through humanitarian work if given the chance."

STEM fields have always played an important role in the advancement of our world, perhaps now more than ever. As a nurse, she will have the opportunity to care for many with a gentle heart, compassion, and integrity. 
"I have personally seen the growth in myself as a mentor, a nurse, a friend, and a human being."

The nursing professors at BCU work with each student one-on-one to help them reach their own goals successfully in and outside of the classroom. Annie  specifically mentions nursing professor Dawn Hobbs, as someone who continuously went out her way to ensure that she was applying herself to become the best-prepared nurse that she can be as she looks to start her career.

When asked for impactful memories in her time at The Cliff, Annie reflects on the opportunity to travel to Honduras with the Campus Ministry department at BCU her sophomore year.

"This allowed me to grow in friendship with many of my classmates as we worked with the students of the APUFRAM Organization in Comayagua. This is where I further developed my passion for collaborating my degree with ministry."

She advises other future Chargers that "It is more important and gratifying to take time for yourself, growing as an individual and learning about who you want to be as a human being, than to adapt to the expectations of others. Take these four years as a marathon over a sprint. BCU will allow for tremendous self-growth if you give it the opportunity. Trust the Lord’s plan, even when it does not match up to your own."