Clinics on The Cliff

Emphasizing Catholic Franciscan traditions, Briar Cliff University is highlighting the intersection of service and mission through the introduction of HelpCare™.

As a liberal arts institution, Briar Cliff takes great pride in not only the education and career development opportunities provided to students, but also helping their further development as ethical world changers.

HelpCare™ is a Briar Cliff phrase used to describe the career paths designed to help care for others. Over 40% of Briar Cliff students are studying in a HelpCare™ career field. These programs range from behavior analysis, nursing, and social work to radiology technology, exercise physiology, physical therapy and more.

The Briar Cliff education model, coupled with the volunteer service expectations and Franciscan values, serves as an opportune advantage for students to get valuable, hands-on experience in a high-need field of study.

17 HelpCare™ Programs

37% Career Opportunities in the Care Economy*

40% Briar Cliff Students Pursuing HelpCare™

Caring for the Community

Not only do students have more than 17 programs of study to choose from in the HelpCare™ field at Briar Cliff, they can also provide pro-bono services and receive experiential learning at the Clinic on the Cliff™, which includes a Physical Therapy Clinic, a Behavior Analysis Clinic, and Nursing Foot Care Clinics through the Sioux City Warming Shelter.

In all Clinics on the Cliff™, University faculty supervise students who provide the direct services. While providing quality care, they’re also developing hands-on educational skills and knowledge, under appropriate guidance.

Students have an opportunity to practice what was taught in class and then take that into real-life scenarios with patients in the clinic, while also benefiting the community. Not only do the pro-bono clinics address a need in the community, they help students follow their professional dreams and prepare for life outside of the University.

Impactful Learning, Quality Care, & Serving the Community


*Study from World Economic Forum, supported by data from LinkedIn.