Alumni Testimonial - Emily Janda

Emily Janda

Emily Janda ('17) learned about the power of service and activism during her time at Briar Cliff, and she has put these lessons into action today as a member of the Mercy Volunteer Corps in San Francisco, CA.

Emily's double major in Spanish and social work opened her eyes to the importance of community on a local, regional, and international level. Originally from Omaha, NE, Emily traveled to and served in Honduras and Spain and participated in a movement to end illegal alcohol sales on the border of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Her professors encouraged her to immerse herself in the communities she worked with and they helped her find opportunities to work with people experiencing hardships like homelessness and addiction, which inspired her to continue serving these populations as part of the Mercy Volunteer Corps.

"Briar Cliff's social work program taught me the importance of building relationships through direct service and how to bring about policy change through activism," said Emily.

Emily knew when she was looking for colleges that she wanted to attend a small school with a tight-knit community, and that's exactly what she found at The Cliff. This caring community helped her learn what she considers to be the most important lesson of her time at BCU: be present and active in the local community.

"Explore Sioux City and take advantage of everything it has to offer - the parks, restaurants, and nearby hiking trails are all great!"