The 1930

The 1930 connects generations of women who make a difference in the world by investing in the Briar Cliff community and its transformational work. Through networking, scholarships, leadership, and mentorship, 1930 Influencers will launch a future of boundless opportunities for the female students of Briar Cliff University.

Inspiring Vision 
Named after the year Briar Cliff College was dedicated by the Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque, The 1930 was created to honor Mother Dominica and Bishop Heelan’s vision of creating a Catholic college for women to crown the hilltop once covered in briar patches. 

The 1930 is a community committed to participating in and promoting volunteer and philanthropic leadership at Briar Cliff University. Led by mission-focused women, The 1930 is an organization where powerful, knowledgeable, and unique voices come together with the goal of inspiring the next generation of female philanthropists and leaders. Together, we can have a greater impact than we can alone.

Dedicated Mission

Our goal is simple. By 2030, the 100th anniversary of the founding of Briar Cliff University, we aim to celebrate this initiative with 1,930 annual influencers dedicated to supporting female students at Briar Cliff. By becoming an 1930 Influencer, you will join a community committed to a future of boundless opportunities for growth and leadership for our female students.

Empowering Purposes 

The 1930 at Briar Cliff University connects generations of women who want to transform the future for female students. As part of the vibrant life of the university, members meet alumni and friends leading their fields and connect with other women to change lives.

  • Mentorship: Like our networking opportunities, mentorship is second nature through The 1930. Just as we give to students and organizations, our members work with others in different ages, careers and backgrounds to learn and grow both personally and professionally.
  • Networking: Different backgrounds, shared purpose. The 1930 Influencers represent a variety of ages, personal interests and life stories, which allows student ambassadors and influencers to meet women from a variety of experiences.
  • Leadership: In addition to making an impact through group giving, Influencers in The 1930 are offered a variety of leadership opportunities within a vibrant group of peers. Members of this group lend their time and talent to guide the mission and vision of women for Briar Cliff University.
  • Scholarship: In addition to supporting exemplary causes, each year we help fund the education of deserving young women studying at Briar Cliff University. We honor recipients at our annual awards ceremony and invite them to join us for events throughout the year to continue supporting their social and academic success.

Make Your Mark


Empower our female students and make an impact on the next generation of professionals by joining The 1930.

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Create positive change and grow as a professional by joining The 1930.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the questions and answer section below to help you learn more about The 1930. 

What is a 1930 Influencer? 

A 1930 Influencer is a female (or male) who is dedicated to supporting female students at Briar Cliff University. An annual membership fee of $100 helps support scholarship and leadership opportunities for female students. As an Influencer, you also have the opportunity to provide opportunities for our female students through mentorship, networking, internship, and additional scholarships. In addition to positively impacting the lives of Briar Cliff female students you will be invited to attend, along with our female students, professional development, and leadership opportunities like The 1930 Women’s Leadership Conference.

Leaders. Mentors. Opportunity creators. Our 1930 Influencers do more than provide opportunities for networking, mentorship, and scholarships – they change lives. 

How much does it cost to become a 1930 Influencer?
With a minimum gift of $100 each year, you become a part of The 1930 community working alongside other women to inspire the next generation of female philanthropists and leaders.
What is a 1930 Student Ambassador? 
 All Briar Cliff students must apply to be a member of the 1930. Once accepted those students will become what is known as a 1930 ambassador. As a member of the organization you will join forces with a variety of professional skills from accomplished women to develop your networking and leadership skills with countless educational, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities. Join a group of women who will create positive change in the world. Contact us to learn how to become an ambassador.
I identify as a male, what role can I play in this organization?
Mothers, daughters, sisters, and coworkers are examples of the impact women have on your lives. We invite fathers, sons, brothers, and coworkers to support The 1930 with a financial gift to support our female students ensuring access to education and leadership development.
What can I do to help support The 1930?
You can assist The 1930 by spreading the word to other women who are interested in empowering the next generation of female leaders, or making a donation to support the costs of this project, including creating scholarships, mentoring/leadership workshops, and hosting events. Everyone is invited to become involved by making a financial gift, volunteering at an event, mentoring a student, or assisting in making connections to guide the professional development of women at Briar Cliff University.

Other Ideas and Questions?

We're listening. Please submit your questions, feedback, or other brilliant ideas to our University Relations team.

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