Jake Rosenmeyer ('15)

Jake Rosenmeyer

Jake Rosenmeyer ('15) chose Briar Cliff University after falling in love with the campus, people, and spirit that permeated the Cliff. It was small and just far enough away from home that he knew he wouldn't be just another number.

Active during his time at BCU, Jake was heavily involved in Campus Ministry assisting with mass, confirmation retreats, Antioch, and RCIA, as well as serving on the Franciscan Awareness Team for 2 years.

Majoring in theology, history and secondary education, his professors were all supportive in his academic endeavors looking out for his needs and personal well-being. His love for the Franciscan Sisters has left a lasting impact on him and he refers to them as great examples of faith and holiness, considering them friends and teachers.

"One of my favorite things during my time at Briar Cliff was sitting on the bench outside of Heelan Hall that overlooked Sioux City with Sr. Mary Jane Koenigs and just talking about anything and everything," Jake recalls.

Jake got to know the Briar Cliff community at every level, from the President's office to the basketball players. One of his favorite projects was working in conjunction with Sioux City becoming a Blue Zones community where Briar Cliff students, faculty and staff volunteered to help with various projects in Siouxland. His assignment: Trinity Heights.

"I spent the day with Mary Kay Miller (administrative assistant for admissions), Bobbi Swanson (print shop coordinator), and Bernice Metz (executive assistant to the president) and it was such a fulfilling day to help Trinity Heights and get to know those women on a deeper level," he says.

Today, Jake has answered the call to priesthood after brushing off the little seeds God had planted for many years. He is currently in his third year of seminary after teaching at Bishop Garrigan Schools for 4 years, and is in the final years of the process of seminary formation.

"My time at BCU was very formative in regards to my calling to seminary. Having the then Vocations Director as our Campus Minister allowed me to keep having conversations about the priesthood," Jake says. "The foundation I received allowed me to know that God was truly calling me out of the classroom and in the seminary."

He calls his time at Briar Cliff one of the best periods of his life, giving him the chance to learn about who he was and who he wanted to become. He tells future and current Chargers to treasure every moment and urges them to learn about St. Francis and St. Clare.

"[St. Francis and St. Clare] have provided me with many great insights and inspirations over the years, both during my time at the Cliff and after," he says.