Payton Hilts

Payton Hilts found her purpose at Briar Cliff University through the nursing department and student government.

“I love my nursing professors and I believe they are helping me to become a great nurse in the future,” says Payton.

Majoring in nursing with minors in psychology and spanish, Payton uses her dream to become an emergency room or intensive care nurse as motivation in her final year at BCU!

Outside of academics, Payton is involved in other activities including student government. As an intrigued freshman, Payton sought out ways to be involved with campus activities. Although her involvement in student government came as an accident, it quickly became the reason she fell in love with BCU. Years later, Payton became the student body president.

“I loved BCU because of the small atmosphere and how welcoming everyone was on my visit,” Payton says. “It all fell together very nicely.”

One professor who offered inspiration and became part of Payton’s support is Professor Bodhi. As a freshman during COVID, Payton appreciated the attentiveness Professor Bodhi offered his students. Payton says, “he really gave us the chance to succeed.”

Upon graduation, Payton will relocate to Omaha, Nebraska, to be closer to family and build a life on her own.

“If I could tell something to the newcomers at BCU, I would say put yourself out there,” says Payton. “Making friends may sound intimidating but there is always someone that will have your back here at BCU and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. Don’t be afraid to ask your professors for help because they want to see you succeed and that is what they are here for!”