Paul Santos

Professor Paul Santos integrates his students’ interests and hobbies into his experiential teaching philosophy. When taking classes with Professor Santos, students can expect to truly relate to the extensive material in accounting, business, and economics.

“It is always fun to look at a group of students and find the best way to connect the materials with their interests, sports, and hobbies,” says Professor Santos. “The students are what makes teaching here enjoyable.”

Santos says one of the reasons he was drawn to BCU was due to the push for “real-life” learning. All of the current business professors had professional careers before starting their full-time teaching journey. They are well-prepared with theories and concepts that will provide the correct direction for students after graduation. 

Santos has much appreciation for his colleague’s knowledge and devotion to the students. In the business department, the student is first. The professors work together to provide the students with the tools needed for success inside and outside of the classroom.

“Professor Mark Rossi, our department chair, has provided tremendous support and innovation for our department and its offerings,” says Professor Santos.

Paul Santos grew up in the Chicago, Illinois area before attending Bradley University in Central Illinois. He graduated with an undergraduate accounting degree, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. Before finding BCU, Santos spent over 30 years working in business functions of corporate, government, and non-profit business organizations.

After arriving at Briar Cliff, Professor Santos felt at home due to his personal connection to the Catholic values displayed on and around campus. Professor Santos has been at BCU for 5 years, and he has found passion in seeing students succeed. He says that the students who attend and participate in class are the most successful.

“My advice to students is – get your work done but also make sure to enjoy your time here,” says Professor Santos.