Men and Women of Color

Men of Color (MOC) and Women of Color (WOC) are two student-led organizations geared towards teaching Briar Cliff University students, of all backgrounds, the values of inclusiveness and cultural unity by starting conversations and seizing opportunities to create open dialogue and be a catalyst for change and inspire solutions. 

Since we know that gender can sometimes play a role in an individual's unique life experiences, MOC and WOC are two separate campus organizations. However, these brother and sister organizations often collaborate to bring about many educational and fun events on our campus and within our community including: 

  • Multicultural dinners

  • Open dialogue forums

  • Volunteer opportunities with local youth and other community organizations

  • Christmas toy drives

  • Fundraisers

  • Human Library “Open Books”

  • Leadership Training

These organizations take pride in providing open spaces while giving members invaluable leadership experience and hands-on service opportunities. Students interested in either MOC or WOC will be interviewed and accepted based on their “self mission” and their goals to promote inclusiveness and unity within their own lives. 

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Individuals of all backgrounds and experiences are embraced and encouraged to apply. 

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