Matthew Wilke

Matthew Wilke can’t wait to begin his career as Mr. Wilke, science teacher and wrestling coach. Secondary Education and Biology double major, Matt came to Briar Cliff because of its education program and all it had to offer for his future.

Matt chose to pursue a career in a STEM field to understand the world around us and learn how extremely complicated organisms such as ourselves function. During his time at the Cliff, he experienced many different types of teaching styles from the education and biology programs.

“Dr. Jung incorporated a plethora of educational concepts into his biology classes, the same ones that I learn about in my education classes. Professors and classes like this have allowed me to incorporate their styles into my idea of the perfect classroom.”

Briar Cliff’s 14 to 1 student-faculty ratio allows for students to take advantage of the resources and knowledge that is right in front of them.

“The staff and faculty have always been willing to help with whatever I needed. My professors really care about the educational aspect of being a teacher.”

Looking back on his time at Briar Cliff, he remembers his involvement as a member of the wrestling program and Briar Cliff Student Government (BCSG) with planning events like Francisco De Mayo, Crush Cans fundraising, BCSG Summit, and many more.

His advice to future Chargers?

“Use your resources. Keep in touch with your advisor. If you’re struggling in a class, talk to the professor, they aren’t evil!”