Alumni Testimonial - Megan Gosz-Sequeiros

Megan Gosz-Sequeiros

Ready to spread her wings, Las Vegas native Megan Gosz-Siqueiros ('22) chose Briar Cliff to grow as an athlete, student, and person.

Driven by a passion for athletics, Megan is a soccer player on the Briar Cliff women?s soccer team and an exercise physiology (kinesiology) major. She's always been fascinated with the movements involved in athletics and exercise, and she hopes to become a physical therapist after graduating from The Cliff.

"Ever since I was little, I had my heart set on entering that career field [of physical therapy] and so far, it seems like the Department of Applied Health and Exercise Sciences (formerly the Department of Kinesiology) at Briar Cliff can make that happen for me," she said.

Megan knew Briar Cliff was the place for her when she learned about the caring community. "Hearing that Briar Cliff had the small school feeling along with a friendly atmosphere was a major component in choosing this school," said Megan.

Additionally, Megan has truly felt her expectations were met in her first few months at Briar Cliff. Typically shy, she has made new friends and found her place within the school. "I was thinking of staying in Nevada but I wanted to do my own thing and be independent," she said. "I'm not really a social person in general, but the school is just the right size for people like me to meet new people and make new friendships."

Even though it has been just a few months for Megan as she continues her freshman year, she speaks highly of Briar Cliff and its staff. She believes they really care about the students on a personal level and is happy with her choice of coming here. "The staff just wants us to feel at home and you couldn't ask for more."