Breanna Allen ('23)

Breanna Allen

Following in her mom and aunts' footsteps by coming to Briar Cliff, Breanna Allen (’23) graduated with a degree of Exercise Physiology that prepared her for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. She credits her work ethic to her time as a student athlete and other campus involvement opportunities.

"Learning to manage my time was a huge takeaway from BCU. The classes I took were also very helpful in preparing me for the material I would encounter when entering the DPT program," says Breanna. 

So far, Breanna’s biggest take away from the Physical Therapy program is her joy of hard work.

"The joy felt after passing an exam you spent hours and hours studying for. The joy felt after seeing a patient in the pro bono clinic knowing that you put in the time to truly help them heal, and the joy felt knowing that someday you will be getting to do what you love every day."  

Within the DPT department, Dr. Brian Wienk has made an huge impact on Breanna's love for physical therapy.

"He is such an incredible, fun, light-hearted guy that never ceases to crack and joke and make people laugh. He wears his love for PT on his face every day and it is so apparent. He is a great professor that makes me excited for the career field I have chosen," says Breanna. "All of the faculty and staff go above and beyond every day to support all of the students. Taking time out of their busy days to help us research and invest in us as students. They empower and foster confidence into the students to help us become future leaders."

Breanna won't forget the special place it all started and says home basketball games were some of her favorite memories as it brought her family to her second home. 

"Getting to see a game that I loved so much bring us all together at my second home was the best. Getting to see my younger siblings laugh at the student section during men’s games and love the place that I loved was so special. There truly is no atmosphere like a home game at Briar Cliff."

For anyone looking to come to the Cliff, Breanna encourages everyone to go after your dream career no matter what.

"It may be difficult and take a lot of time but in the end be worth it," Breanna says.