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Meet Marie Comstock

Sioux City
Art & Education

“I felt accepted and important. That’s a big deal to me.”

— Marie Comstock
Sioux City
Art & Education

Finding yourself can be challenging, but Marie Comstock (’21) knew she needed to do it.

Upon arriving at Briar Cliff, the art and education major felt like she could step out of her comfort zone and explore her passions. This led her to participating in the Haunted Tunnels. She puts her artistic touch in the spooky decorations and dresses up to scare those brave enough to walk through. “Participating in the Haunted Tunnels has helped me find my people. I felt accepted and important. That’s a big deal to me,” Marie says.

Marie’s experience at Briar Cliff has allowed her to fine tune her art style, which she describes as a mixture of realism and fauvism. The Briar Cliff community, faculty, staff and students have all been extremely accepting of her work and constantly encourage her to keep creating. Even the president of BCU, Rachelle Karstens, reached out to Marie to buy a painting of a turtle that had been displayed in the Clausen Art Gallery.

Briar Cliff has taught Marie to be just the way she is and, in the end, everything will work out better than expected. “Stay true to yourself. It’s okay to be weird, it’s okay to try different things and be a little out of the normal. In the end you shouldn’t be afraid to be exactly who you are because there’s only one of you.”

Upon graduation Marie would like to stay close to her family in Sioux City and become an art teacher. Until then, she is currently working with animals and loving every minute of it.

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