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Meet Erin Small

Director of New Student Programs

Erin Small

"I am BCU because I believe in our mission," she says. "The community of people here is remarkable."

— Erin Small
Director of New Student Programs

"Students are my why," says Erin Small, Director of New Student Programs at Briar Cliff University. "I am absolutely inspired by our students. They are motivated, intelligent, creative and curious. Getting to support their journey from bright-eyed, brand new students to confident and mature students is wonderful to be a part of."

While her title may be Director of New Student Programs, Erin prefers to say she handles "all things freshman" after admissions. She oversees the first-year experience program that helps new BCU students transition into college life through events like New Student Registration Day, Charger Weekend, the Bridge to BCU summer program and first-year advising. She and the other first-year advisors are passionate about education and service, and they share these values with freshmen as they become part of the BCU community. "I am BCU because I believe in our mission," she says. "The community of people here is remarkable."

Erin's primary role is to assist first-year students, and she says it's such a gift to be able to do so. She works with students to create pathways for their success by building an honest and authentic relationship where students feel comfortable sharing their hopes, fears and dreams for their future. Once she and the other advisors understand the students' motivations, they look for opportunities that will challenge and support them on their path.

Erin has been an important member of the BCU community for several years, but her favorite BCU memory has stayed the same: move-in day. "Every single move-in day is my favorite memory. College becomes 'real' when students move to campus, and it's a blessing to be a part of their launch into higher education."

Erin advises new students to step out of their comfort zones and learn from their journey. "Some things will work out great and some things won't. When it doesn't, take the lesson and move on. You will learn from it all if you open yourself to the experience."

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