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Meet Darnell Prince

Ridgecrest, CA

Darnell Prince

Meeting new people, seeing different personalities, and making new connections will help my future.

— Darnell Prince
Ridgecrest, CA

Darnell Prince (20’) is on the road to become the first of his family to earn a bachelor’s degree. This is not the only road he is traveling down as Prince is also over 1,200 miles from his home in Ridgecrest, CA. But this college transfer is finding a new home at Briar Cliff University along with new opportunities.

Prince went to Ventura College in Ventura, CA, where he took classes towards a psychology major. At Briar Cliff, he is finding new opportunities to explore the possibilities within this major. “I like studying the mind and I think it’s really important,” said Darnell.

There’s a wealth of knowledge and support here at Briar Cliff, and Prince has found that the faculty and staff is very willing to help students find success. He also discovered that the community here is just as committed to success as the staff. “Meeting new people, seeing different personalities, and making new connections will help my future,” he said.

Academics played a large role of making the journey out to The Cliff, but for Prince, it was baseball that was the real draw. He is here on scholarship to play right field for the Chargers. In the spring, he hopes to lead the Chargers to a GPAC championship and beyond. Winning with the team and finding personal success are big goals for Prince, but he aspires for much more. Like many kids growing up, he has a dream to play in the big leagues. Now that he is playing college baseball, he is one step closer to that aspiration. To some it may seem like a stretch, but to Prince, it is the just the next step in his journey.

Darnell Prince Baseball

The Major Leagues are the ultimate goal for Prince, but he still plans to focus on his education and look for opportunities to support people the way he has been supported at Briar Cliff. “I am passionate about helping others.”

While adjusting to the Iowa climate has been a challenge for this native Californian, Prince is excited to experience Iowa and life at The Cliff with his friends and teammates.

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