Why Briar Cliff?

Testimonials for Education

Anna Koch

Meet Anna Koch

As a Sioux City native, Anna Koch felt right at home at Briar Cliff University. "The biggest reason I chose to attend BCU was because every time I stepped on campus, I felt right at home."

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Emma Bruns

Meet Emma Bruns ...

I knew I wanted to attend BCU as soon as I visited the campus. The scholarship I received made my dream possible.

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Erin-Jane Bolin and Jordan Sanger

Meet Erin-Jane Bolin and Jordan Sanger...

While in the BCU teacher preparation program, we were guided by leaders who were truly passionate and experienced, and we learned with reliable, motivated peers; this program definitely set us up for success!

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Esly Ovando

Meet Esly Ovando

I am extremely happy I made the right decision to finish my education at a school that cares so much about me and my education. Thank you BCU for giving me the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality.

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Meet Marie Comstock

“I felt accepted and important. That’s a big deal to me.”

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Meet Nicole Raner

The Briar Cliff education program is very unique. Some of my first classes were in different education classrooms watching and observing. This allowed me to see and understand what teaching different age levels was like. Each year after that, I was introduced to more and more opportunities for hands-on experience. By the time I graduate, I will know exactly what to expect and how to be a successful educator.

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