Lightning Knock Out Cancer

Date & Time Location
10:00PM - 10:00PM
Newman Flanagan Center

This is an intramural event like you have never seen before. It's a finals study break, a fundraiser for cancer, and a game of knockout - with a twist. 

How to Play Knockout:

The game begins with all players lined up in a straight line starting at the free throw line and extending towards half court (see diagram #1). The first two players start with a basketball.

Player one shoots a free throw and tries to make it. If the player misses, he/she must grab the rebound and score as fast as possible. Player one’s second shot does not need to be from the free throw line. He/she can shoot a jump shot, lay-up or whatever is needed in order to score fastest.



Player two cannot shoot until after player one has shot their first free throw. The goal for player two is to score a basket before player one does. If player two misses their free throw he/she must also rebound their miss and make a shot as quickly as possible.

If player one makes a basket first, he/she goes to the back of the line (see diagram #2). If player one fails to make a basket before player two, player one is "out" (all "out" players stand off to the side).



Once player one makes a basket he/she passes the ball to the next player in line. That player tries to make a basket before player two does. If this occurs, player two is "out". If player two scores first, he/she goes to the end of the line and passes their ball to the fourth player in line (see diagram #3).

NOTE: Different from actual basketball is that players can “bump” or “knock” the ball out of another person’s hands once they have taken their free throw. This strategy is used to make the player chase after their ball and create more time for you to make a basket. 

Usually, the game continues like this until only one player is left standing.


The Twist

Since this is a "Lightning Knock-out" this mean that eventually one person will need to get all players out. Therefore, all the same rules of regular knock out still apply but when you get "out", you need to stick around, cheer, and pay attention to see if the person who got you out gets "out," because if/when they get "out" you are back "in." This happens over and over until one person has gotten everyone out and then becomes the Lightning Knockout Champion. 

Cost to Participate:

Pay $2 in cash to entrance fee to play! 

$1 goes to the Lightning Knock-out Champion Cash prize. The other $1 goes to will be donated to cancer research. 

It could last for hours or take no time at all! No need to sign up in advance! Just come with your entrance fee and be ready to play.