Institutional Refund Policy | Briar Cliff University

Institutional Charges & State Aid Refund Policy

For On-Campus Students

The Return of Title IV aid calculation, as cited above, only considers federal funds – not institutional, state or outside funding sources that may be included in the student’s financial aid package. If a student withdraws from all classes before the end of the term, charges will be made on the following basis:

  • Withdrawal during the first week... no charge
  • Withdrawal up to the 60% point of the semester will result in prorated charges

If the student withdraws during a period of time that allows for a tuition refund, a portion or all of his/her institutional, state and/or outside funding may need to be reduced or cancelled. If the student receives a 100% tuition refund on all courses for a particular term, all institutional, state and outside funding must be returned to the appropriate aid program(s). If the tuition refund was not used to fully repay the return of Title IV aid, a proportional share of the remaining tuition refund must be returned to the appropriate aid program(s).

For Online Graduate, Online Degree Completion, Advance Evening/Weekend Students

Students enrolled in Briar Cliff's online graduate, online degree completion, and Advance evening/weekend programs will receive a 100 percent refund if a withdrawal from the program is made during the first five days of class.

There will be no refund after Day 5.

For Military Students Called to Active Duty

Briar Cliff pledges full support to members of our military and/or the spouse of a member (if the member has a dependent child) of the Iowa national guard or reserve forces of the United States and those members who are ordered to state military service or federal service or duty.

If members of the military and/or the spouse of a member (if the member has a dependent child) are called to active duty within an academic semester, Briar Cliff will arrange for them to:

  • Complete courses for which they are registered at an accelerated pace;
  • Receive “delayed” grades so that these courses can be completed at the conclusion of active duty; or
  • Withdraw with a grade of “w” from one or more of the courses for which they are registered.

Military members and/or spouses of a member (if the member has a dependent child) will receive a full refund of tuition and fee charges for the academic semester in which they completely withdraw from the institution due to a call to active duty. Room and board charges will be refunded based on the percentage of semester completed. 


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