Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Student performing arm strength test with assistance from teacher.

Why This Program? 

You can only learn so much inside a classroom, which is why our accredited and affordable Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program curriculum focuses on hands-on clinical and service experiences. The program includes a variety of experiential learning clinical experiences that will give you the chance to apply the techniques and theories you learned in the classroom.

  • Progressive Curriculum: Created with input from faculty and practicing expert clinicians across the country, our curriculum will prepare you to work with a variety of patients, from newborns to athletes to older adults. 
  • Interprofessional Service-Learning Opportunities: In collaboration with community partners, you'll work side-by-side with faculty and clinicians to provide services to underserved populations across Siouxland. In doing so, you will gain vital experience and correlate what you learn with hands-on, interprofessional, service-learning opportunities.
  • Clinical-Focused Education Experience: Working in Briar Cliff's Physical Therapy Clinic and the assigned clinic experiences you will encounter real-life situations that will prepare you to succeed in the field.  As an integral component of the physical therapy curriculum, we take great pride in ensuring the clinical education experiences reflect our mission and vision. We have secured hundreds of clinical experiences across the nation and are committed to placing students in experiences that meet their educational needs. Upon matriculation into the program, we meet with each student individually to match their professional goals with clinical education placement and standards outlined in the clinical education handbook
Health Professional Recruitment Program

The Health Professional Recruitment Program (HPRP) was established to increase the number of athletic trainers, occupational therapists, physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists and physical therapists practicing in high-need communities in Iowa.

The maximum annual award through the state is $12,500 for up to four consecutive years (maximum of $50,000) which is paid toward outstanding Federal Stafford Loan and Grad PLUS Loan balances. In addition, the eligible community/clinic must agree to provide a dollar-for-dollar loan repayment match to state funds. Therefore, the maximum benefit to the graduate is $100,000 over four years. The application will be available through Iowa College Aid beginning January 1 and applications must be submitted by March 31 to guarantee consideration.

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