Student Handbook


The Briar Cliff Student Handbook is a guide on everything you need to know as a student on The Cliff. It contains all the ins and outs, and holds answers to questions you have regarding behavior policies, emergency procedures, and even financial aid. It can be used to answer any grey area questions you have. If you have a question that isn't answered in the handbook, feel free to contact us regarding your question.

Briar Cliff Student Handbook

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Table of Contents

I. Student Code of Conduct: 2 – 46

A. Types of Misconduct: 3 – 11
B.  Academics: 11 – 14
C. Statement on Alcohol and Drugs: 14 – 30
D. Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action: 30
E. Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment: 31 – 46

II. Emergency Procedures: 46 – 50

III. Financial Aid: 50 – 58

IV. Residential Life and Auxiliary Services: 58 – 61

A. Residential Housing Policy and Exceptions

V. Other University Policies: 61 – 81

VI. Appendix A – Graduate Student Information: 81 - 94

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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