K-12 Education

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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts



Why This Program?

Making a difference through education.  

K-12 education majors will specialize in art, music, or physical education. With small class sizes, careful student advising, and personalized attention, Briar Cliff University's Teacher Preparation Program* is known for producing caring, distinguished teachers. Here, you'll learn research-based teaching strategies and go into the classroom to practice what you learn. 

  • Teach Your Passion: As a K-12 education major, you'll complete requirements for both an elementary and secondary license that will qualify you to teach your subject in a variety of settings from kindergarten through twelfth grade. 
  • Get Hands-on Experience: Before you begin student teaching, you will have already gained approximately 120 hours of classroom experience through a variety of on-site practicum placements tied to education courses. This exceeds the Iowa Department of Education's requirement of 80 practicum hours. Briar Cliff student teachers spend 40 hours per week in supervised student teaching for 15 weeks. All student teachers are supervised by full-time faculty of the education department. 

An education degree from Briar Cliff means that you can graduate with more classroom experiences supervised by Briar Cliff University faculty.